Excellent work on live trading! Boris and Victor.Cheler

Two fantastic days following your educational service, (200 points on DAX) thank you.Will Smart‏

Good performance today!Holger S.

Atilla B.

Dear Boris, Wiktor and Team. I'm in holidays in July and August. So I won't renew my education setup for now, but please send me a reminder at the end of August. Thank you for the hard work and good education you have provided. Have a great summer! Attila Attila B.

Stephen M.

The morning letter is an outstanding tool, easy to use and accurate day by day. Great teamwork TDP Academy!Stephen Mallon

Roy R.

Thanks Boris. Great Stuff as always. The starter manual is easy to read and understand. Roy Rakesh

Walter B.

My EUR/USD chart is kind of messy right now and no clear view, so thanks for sharing your charts. Always a pleasure to see how simple it could be. Walter B.

Mark S.

visualizing whats going on atm. dip-buyers vs. waste dumpers. which is pretty exciting call Mr. Boris and Team. Great support, thank you, learning every day more. Mark S.

Adrian U.

Your knowledge base is an awesome tool, the search function is great. And every day new content. It's a pleasure to see how this site is growing. Thank you !Adrian U.

Share Dude

On your chart is kijun red and tenkan blue both very clear to read - now i understand how it woks. Great work Boris. Share Dude